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Do you feel a rush when your wheels touch down in a new city? Or when you discover the true personality of a town and keep that as your souvenir? That’s how I feel when I visit a new city. I’m a fan. I’m an urban loving, nature hiking, sports crazed tourist with a camera.

Why I Paint Fans at Sporting Events

I’ve been hooked on sports ever since my Dad took me to my first St. Louis Cardinals Baseball game. Experiencing a game through his eyes was magical. He would relive his memories with colorful stories of the Gashouse Gang, Babe Ruth home runs and being in the Knot Hole Gang. Baseball became a way to hang out with my Dad while discussing squeeze plays and pitching changes.

The funny thing is that I don’t remember the scores from any of those games. The details of the game are eclipsed by the memories we made on those hot summer evenings.

I especially remember his example of sportsmanship and truly “loving the game”. I learned to respect opponents and clap when they made an outstanding play. Clutching my score card, I remained positive - the next home run was always a pitch away. Above all, booing for either team showed a lack of respect for the game and the city.

When I was given the opportunity to paint regional art work for Bed Bath & Beyond stores, I chose to paint the fans and their relationships at sporting events. My ballpark lessons served me well. I could visit a team and immediately feel like a home-towner.

My Dad would have loved it!

Meeting the Fans

To get the feel of a particular sporting event, I like to meet fans during the pregame and tailgates. I walk up to people and ask why they love their team. At first they think I’m a little nuts but carrying a camera is a great ice-breaker. With a bit of encouragement, they share their heartfelt stories. Without exception, true fans get a catch in their throats as they recall their first experience at the ballpark, stadium or field house.

The Fans in the Nose Bleed Section

I have so much fun with the fans in the cheap seats. I learn their songs, cheers and dances. Usually several rows get in on the action. By the end of the game we are exchanging email addresses and I have new friends. I often write a story about my adventures and attach it to the back of the print. These stories usually highlight the kindness of strangers who have helped me understand and love their city.

Painting the Memory

Using my photos as inspiration, I try to replicate the excitement with bold strokes, bright colors and lots of movement. I feel such a huge commitment to the people I meet on location, so the painting has to tell the story from the fan’s perspective. For once, THEY are the stars of the game.

I paint the backs of cheering fans to invite the viewer into the game. I feel my painting is successful if a person remarks, “That guy looks just like my Uncle Charlie - I used to sit in those seats with him. And I remember the time when.....”

Making the Prints

The finished painting is photographed and formatted for printing on a high resolution, large format printer. This process maintains the highest canvas printing standards available. My goal is to produce quality canvas art that every fan can afford.

Why I hand sign and number each print

I like to inspect every print before it ships so I hand sign and number each canvas.

I’m often asked why I include my maiden name in the signature. It’s a nod to those nights in the bleachers with my Dad. It’s a belated thank you to my Mom who incessantly talked to strangers and braked for every scenic overlook. I am also grateful that my parents did not laugh too hard when I announced I was getting a degree in Fine Art. And of course, my last name and Business Name honors my husband who puts up with my long hours in front of an easel.